Hammond Suzuki XPK-200L midi foot pedals

I read about these somewhere on the internet and got quite excited as they seem like a good compromise between the small one octave midi pedals I currently use, and the huge 27 note “Nord Keys 27“, which does look very nice, but too big for me to carry around. They have the longer pedals which should make it feel close to real hammond pedals, and would be great for playing with the heel.

I first read that the xpk-200L pedals should be available in the autumn of 2011, but now I see Q1 2012. They are already available in Japan, but the dealer I contacted said they couldn’t send out of the country. If anybody has any more info on this, please drop a line.

EDIT: they are available now from a few sources. I have not got the weight comfirmed exactly, but it seems to be around 18 kgs, which is much heavier than I hoped for. With a flight case this is going to be 25kgs at least, maybe closer to 30. I might still try them out. For now I’m still using my 1 octave set which is completely falling apart.

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