The B2 organ

I bought a B2 organ from ebay (seller adickson) some years ago and got it shipped to China. It came with a Hammond PR-40 tone cabinet. The B2 organs are much cheaper than B3’s, especially in the US where you can find them for a bargain. The PR-40 sounds pretty nice, I used it for gigging for a few years before I bought a leslie. The bass is deep from the two 15 inch woofers in the PR-40, but you don’t get the punch as you get from a leslie speaker. It was relieving when I finally get a leslie, a 30W 21H which is similar to the 122 but only fast and stop (no slow speed).

When I first got the B2 it was running on 50Hz while it should be 60hz. This made the organ sound about a minor third too low. I had ordered a frequency conversion kit, but had some trouble installing it, so I played the first few weeks of gigs the organ a third down. Was quite funny and strange to play all those standard tunes a minor third down! It worked in a way.

Here is a short video I made the same day as the B2 arrived, just improvising something. And the organ is tune a minor third below here :)

The sound of the B2 is really warm and nice. It can be a bit too dark, but you can change some parts to make it brighter. The workmanship on the older organs is really good! It’s built to last, and it will. The wood is really beautiful, and the lid is curved, something they stopped doing to save costs when they introduced to B3. I would certainly buy more B2’s if I had the room for them.
My B2 was carried so much around that the legs became very loose. At last they were not connected to the top anymore, and I had to do something before something would brake. I removed the legs and reguled them. More on that in another post.

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