Oberheim OBX synthesizer incl sound demos

photo from synthmuseum. I'll take a picture of mine to post soon

Even thought this website is called hammond.no it will not be limited to Hammond organs. Some people might dislike anything synth, in which case you can be safe by browsing on the Hammond organ tab. :) For the rest of you, enjoy the articles about analog synths!

Ok having that settled, I’ll start the synth article series with the Oberheim OBX from 1979. The OBX is besides the ARP 2600 one of my absolutely favorite synths! There are lots of other synths that I Continue reading

Arturia Minibrute Analog 550USD synth

First impression based on online sound demos

Arturia who is known for making software versions of old analog synths have announced their first physical analog synth at NAMM. It’s a small machine with two octaves keyboard and lots of knobs, and should be available in april.

I don’t need another monophonic analog synth, but my first impression about the minibrute from hearing samples online is that the sound is what I would expect. That is new analog, meaning more one dimensional, colder sound compared to the older analogues. I Continue reading