Nord C1 flightcase from Thon, in 7mm PVC

I ordered a custom build flightcase like this and requested them to add wheels and an extra handle on the backside. I have been using the nord C1 gig bag for years and wore out 3 of them, so thinking I should get a flightcase before the nord also falls apart completely.

I asked them to make it 2 cm higher than they would normally do, so I could fit the legs, the volume pedal and some cables inside the case. My plan was to put this into something and put this on top of the lower manual. I finally took some material from the old C1 case and made a layer to have on top of the C1 between the legs and other stuff.

The case is slightly lighter compared to the C1 bag, measured 29kg at check in, that’s with the legs (short version), yamah fc7 volume pedal (this is around 1.1kg alone), power and line cable.

Nice about this case is that is stands up by itself, doesn’t have to lay it down all the time as I had to with the C1 bag. But the wheels are not as nice as the C1 bag. They might last longer, but they don’t roll as good, so it feels harder to drag this around. Also the handle on the back was placed too far down, making it further uncomfortable. I want to install an additional handle on the back side as far up as possible, that should help.

I chose the PVC material because of weight. Sure, wood would be better and more solid, but then the weight gets out of hand and makes it impossible to fly with this without paying excess luggage charges all the time. At 29kg you can normally get away with it.
The case fells quite solid, I think it should last several years.


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