“Monkeybar” album coming in march/april 2012

This band is not new, but we havn’t played any concerts in Norway yet, and we have just recently changed name into Monkeybar based on our “hit” with the same name. Erik Nylander on drums and I have played together for around 10 years in different bands, and we started working with playing duo 6-7 years ago, but we never took it anywhere until in 2010 where we started looking at some tunes I had and seeing how we could arrange them. We found a really nice way of working together, and made some great music out of it. In 2011 we did two tours in Asia where we had a change to test out the material in front of an audience.
We recorded a CD last may which we will release this spring. The music varies from the disco inspired monkeybar tune, to the folk styled “The Boat”.
I am very exciting about this album, and will try my best to get it out to as many people as possible.
I’m playing many different synths, while the organ has the fundamental and bass role on most tracks.
Here is the titletrack.