Nord C1 flightcase from Thon, in 7mm PVC

I ordered a custom build flightcase like this and requested them to add wheels and an extra handle on the backside. I have been using the nord C1 gig bag for years and wore out 3 of them, so thinking I should get a flightcase before the nord also falls apart completely.

I asked them to make it 2 cm higher than they would normally do, so I could fit the legs, the volume pedal and some cables inside the case. My plan was to put this into something and put this on Continue reading

Monkeybar CD: “Dear You” release, May 2012

My band Monkeybar with me on keyboards and vokal and  Erik Nylander drums and drum machine are releasing our debut album “Dear You” in May:

Gøteborg: Brötz May 3rd 20:00
Oslo: Dattera til Hagen May 4th 21:00
Trondheim: Credo May 21st 22:30

Monkeybar plays original music in a mix of several styles: pop, techno, jazz.
Here a a couple of Mp3’s from our album:


Website refresh!

Welcome to

Finally a new website is here. The old one was not possible to update without remaking it totally, so here is the remake! It works already while more material are being added. I’ll write about my projects and Hammond and keyboard stuff. There is also a small STORE here where you can buy mp3’s and albums. Welcome and hope you’ll enjoy your stay and come back soon for more material.

Here’s a track from my band Excess Luggage called “Fast Swing”. Enjoy