Nord C2D organ with drawbars announced

This was unexpected (for me): A nord organ with drawbars! Available in february which is very soon! I like the fact that it has 4 sets of drawbars, just as the real b3. The new Hammond SK2 dual manual organ only has one set of drawbars, that is not enought! And I also don’t understand why the SK2 is more than twice the weight of the one manual version SK1. I haven’t heard or played with either one of them, but anyway the SK2 would be out of the question for me with only one set of drawbars.
I actually think the previous nord type “button-drawbars” works quite well, so for me the advantage of the C2D over the C1/C2 would be to have 4 sets of them.

I’m curious about the sound improvments on the C2D compared to the C1 which I have. I do think the C1 sounds pretty good if you have the right amp, but that is part of the problem, I most often don’t have the right amp.
Anyway, I will be following the C2D and take if for a try when I’ll get the chance. They didn’t say anything about it’s weight, which for me is very important, but looking at it pictures it can’t have gained main grams from the added plastic on the drawbars.
The price was announced to be 3499usd in the US.

This is the specs:

  • The new left-hand preset sections offer ‘an unsurpassed level of hands-on control’ and the upper manual and panel has been tilted for better ergonomics.
  • An LCD-display has been added for easier access to programs and settings.
  • The Nord C2D features a redesigned simulation of the characteristic mechanical key clicks that are an essential component of the classic tone-wheel experience.
  • The redesigned percussion model offers increased control over the percussion levels when playing near-legato.
  • The Nord C2D also includes a redesigned Rotary Speaker simulation of a vintage 122 unit.
  • The Nord C2D also includes both the Vox and Farfisa transistor organ simulations and the sampled Baroque Pipe Organ from the acclaimed Nord C2 Combo Organ.

pictures from Clavia

12 thoughts on “Nord C2D organ with drawbars announced

  1. Thanks for sharing–you told me what I wanted to know, except for one thing. Exactly what is “the right amp”?

  2. hehe, I’m still searching for the right amp.. Some PA monitors works very well, but often they are not good enough for bass. I often use bass amps because that is what is available, but it often doesn’t sound very good. Keyboard amp is (not shockingly!) a good bet. I use kc550 often, but it can be very bassy, even after EQ’ing. And the sound is coming out of the speaker more in one direction compared to the leslie which sends the sound out broader. This makes the placement of a keyboard amp more difficult, and more critical.

  3. Was at NAMM and they said the organ weighs 31 pounds. I believe the cost is about $2999 and another $1500 for the pedal unit if I remember correctly. Sounds awesome too. I play it and the SK2, and I definitely love the 4 sets of drawbars.

    • 31 pounds is 14 kgs which is even lighter than then C1. Sounds sweet if that is correct. They did say the price will be 3499USD.

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    • I haven’t tried either one of them yet, hopefully can do a AB comparison soon. I would think both sounds pretty good. Sk2 has the advantage of other sounds (el.pno pno..) nord has the advantage of 4 sets of drawbars.

  5. If you are considering the C2D do keep one thing in mind: With Nord’s “drawbutton” system, the LED lights immediately reflect the program or pre-set selected. And each drawbar can be adjusted from that setting. If the organ type (B-3, farf, pipe) changes, the drawbutton display and function (drawbar, switch, or pipe organ stop) changes instantly, and can be immediately adjusted.
    The physical drawbars cannot, of course, do this. There is, I would guess only two choices: either you have to move the drawbar to ‘catch’ the setting and it can be adjusted from there, or, the drawbar becomes active when you touch it and ‘snaps to’ its present physical setting, and can be adjusted. Neither alternative is very good. Of course, if the ‘5 set’ drawbar layout is an important part of your playing that overides everything.

    My opinion is that Nord should have retained the advantages of the LED-drawbutton system, but could have made the movement much more intuitive, by using a rocker or paddle instead of the two buttons, or even making the LED light strip touch sensitive. Obviously, switching from a two-button system to a rocker or paddle is the most practical change.
    Also, the 5-set layout leaves no room on the panel for a plate of food or a drink.
    A C-2 with better drawbuttons and a couple of cupholders would be the perfect portable!

    • Interesting thoughts. For me, the pre-sets are not important, I only use drawbars live. And players used to playing the real thing would be also used to this.

  6. I’ve had my C-2 since about Christmas, I’ve played it a lot, and have had the opportunity for others to play it, and me to listen. In an ordinary playing situation, when using instrument amps, the right amp is the one with the rotary horn. Leave the Nord sim “off”.
    I haven’t had experience with a Nord organ through a stereo PA or into a recording board. In those cases the sim may be very good, or even better.
    A Nord C-2 through a vintage (45, in my case) Leslie sounds great, end of story. But of course, that means dealing with the relatively low volume produced by vintage Leslies in a live performance.

  7. The Neo Ventilator (playback in stereo)did wonders to my C1, so now are my A100/147 collecting dust . Go try it out when you have a chance, for me it sound even better than C1 to my 147, as it removed the shrilling mid- and top from the C1, and have a super natural overdrive like a real 122.

    I have not tried a C2D yet, but the Neo cured my worst GAS :-)

  8. Hey thanks i will have to look for it..i dont really like c2 compared to the hammond sk2..nord came with it looks like a real digital organ…now you have problems with amps..get a real leslie amp there is new model where can use 1/2 inputs…these leslie buttons dont really do any thing with regular will pay for it but in the long run there worth the money..hopefully this helps with your amp problems